History of AWFISHNET​

The African Network of Women Fish Processors and Traders (AWFISHNET) is a continental network of women fish processor and trader that draws its members from African Union countries. Our members are the national associations of women fish workers. The idea to establish this network was conceived during the consultative workshop of women fish workers that was held in April 2017 in Dar es salaam Tanzania, after learning that we all face similar struggles. Over 91% of women in Africa involved in the fisheries sector are engaged in the post-harvest segments of the value-chain specifically handling, processing and trade; for these women, fish processing and trade is the major source of their family’s livelihood.

These women, are in most cases the pillars of their families being in charge of or contributing to the education of their children, meeting household nutritional and food needs and other household requirements as well as securing the family’s future. Despite their contribution, African women fish processors and traders remain marginalised in the sector especially in the institutional decision-making processes that develop the policies which determine the conditions under which they work and engage in business.

AWFISHNET Objectives

This network is envisaged to provide a platform for women fish processors and traders on the
continent to  collaborate and cooperate,  
Share best practices, experiences, technologies and learning together. Also to advocate for issues affecting their activities and facilitate enabling policy environment to 
enhance their role in the fisheries sector on the continent 
and strengthen their role as SME and hence expand their market and marketing opportunities, 
resulting in improved intra-regional African fish trade that contribute to food security and nutrition.

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